• Serena Tan

Getting our empty house ready for reno

Suddenly the speed up of the reno of our house seemed to be in a rush.

Do this Do that do this that that that.

havent order this, havent buy that.


so this weekie end, we gona get the ‘this’ and ‘that’ quickly so the reno could proceed without hipcup!

One of the reason why it was so delayed was also because we intend to sub the renovation to this “A” contractor our first choice.

When we were sure we wanted him, had him view our house and quoted stuff like that, Thi-Rak AK contacted him several times but he didn’t pick the call. When he did finally, we planned to have another go of finalization before the kick off. So we made another appointment and he was fine.

Then an hour before the appointment, he didn’t call, in fact, Thi-Rak called to confirm and he explained he was stucked in another planet and was not able to make it.

The next day he promised to call and meet us at the venue near our home. He didn’t call.

Thi-rak numerously made tons of calls, the next day and the next day, to irritate him at the same time,.

He didn’t pick up or msg.

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks. He was picked up by another “alien”! gosh, if he did picked up the phone, I guess, I would be frightened to place my house in his care. Such an irresponsible person. Could have at least told us he wasn’t interested or he had a problem. That would give us another alternative. Maybe he was spaced to another planet.

So today we got another contractor. Which is fine I would hope so. Till then, we shall see the progress 3 weeks later.

Crossy finger.

Then I better too ask the LORD to watch over the housey. Cheery

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