• Serena Tan

Getting quotations for our housey

Just a little bit of walking made me so tired…

Weekend thi-rak Ak, and me parents went strolling in Courts, Gaincity, Our coming-apartment & lots of furniture shopping.

But because I was getting old, my legs got so tired yesterday late afternoon already, whereas, my parents still was so energetic, not talking about thi-rak AK as well.

Then yesterday in the hot afternoon, after getting some quotations for the Air-Conditioning unit, Daddy mentioned that EXPO has furniture sales, so we went.

Reached there for some fries and drinks while Thi_RAK ak asked around if any halls were having any furniture sales, because all we could see was METRO sales!

So there was only METRO SALES!

And we shopped in the hall with METRO SALES in the end, caused there werent any furniture sales, the advertisment was for next month.

Shopped till my legs almost break. Till next weekend for more scouting around!

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