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Getting some treatment for my hair..

Won’t believe it, but i’m okay to brag. me and “her” (to protect my friends identity since i didnt get her permission, and since it was a sensitive issue might be, for some) went to Lao Fo Ye the the other day for a trial treatment. I got this trial pack while at bishan the other day and got drag to into the road show and the first treatment they giving was ar S$38 plus a tiny shampoo.

so i thought i will try since i wanted to always try one. My hair is failing , brittle and breaking into balness soon. Because i was born with thin hair and little hair, so i guess its part of the reason, and the other reason, lack of nutrients.

So i bought the trial and another trial for my friend.

after work we went, and i was very much expecting the after treatment persuading-by-the-sales-girl actually so it wasnt a surprise when the sales people pester and perster us with their sales talk. we had this before and after view of our scalp with the computer and linked-to-the-pen thing camera-ed to our scalp of course. Imagine, even our face needs facial once a month, so i’m pretty sure how clogged up our pores at our scalp would be especially with all those dust and air we living in now,…

so yes, the old glands oil clogged at some end roots so you can see when the pen pointed at my scalp. and the after treatment wasnt that convincing but it definately felt good and tinkling at the scalp. i’m sure it did helped in certain ways.

but when the salesgirl went, 买 la, 买 la, so we asked how much.

S$1688 10 sessions.. Ah…

no way.. so she persudae us to get maybe 5 sessions for half that price. Still expensive i commented. “”maybe can give you all discount…” she left the room and less than 5 mins walked in… “” ok my boss say can.. for you all only….at S$588 5 sesssionsss….”” we think think think..

after a while, we walked out not signing of course.

this lotion looks very good to dab in your scalp. when i asked the price, its S$488! a small bottle. i guess it works, and it works for people with spare cash of course. sign..!

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