• Serena Tan

Getting Vietnamese Nuisance Calls

It was not until last evening, that we managed to trace the unknown, childish, immature who thought could blow us down by her numerous sms and calls for the last 2 weeks to me. Either coincidental or on purpose how she gotten my hp number, I found it simply uproarious!.

Must be her unrest being that couldn’t comply with the situation and causing me “disturbance” was a way for her to release her insecured emotions. Oh well, do I give a damn to it. Back inside, we are laughing at a childish act of her’s….

A Vietnamese girl has been giving me nuisance calls and leaving me nonsense messages for the last 2 weeks even though I persistently told her she got the wrong number and stop messaging me! Insisted that she will NOT stop messaging me and that she is my friend! We couldn’t even communicate when she called and she was screaming away in her mother tougue, but surprised, she messaged me in English cum Vietnamese and still, knowing Im not her friend, her messages and calls still kept occasionally beeped in!

Now isn’t that hilarious? or . lovemysnoopy

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