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Ghim Moh Crabs

It was elating last late noon during our visit to Bassie. Its like visiting an old friend that didn’t met for a long long time. But its funny how heartwarming it brought to my own heart, the feeling that I had, gratifying, somewhat I can’t explain it, even to myself. Wonder if the AK felt it…

One of those times when we woke up rather late and the AK & I rushed to church just in time for the closing of the sermon. Choked with laughter at the previous late nights of course, we had our steamy lunch with our aunties together with the God bless food before heading home to recover our sleep.

They had not enough of us, so we continued our makan dinner over at GHIM MOH, the most famous steady salted crabs after resting few hours at home, I probably was a little too exhausted didn’t get to enjoy the crabies just much! So all of us thought to watch the 881 show and the AK and me went to his uncle’s house (which was only the same block upstairs) to get into the net to book 7 tickets for the show.

I probably wouldn’t have watched this show by myself but ok, since the critics had such good review, and the family seemed quite enthusiastic to watch it, I was gamed for it too.


Me says it was bad overall. The show would have been great without any special powers or fairy-tale-God-Mother story… I mean hey, every part of the show was to a relation to the Getai and why the power-puff girl-stuff?

I don’t understand.

The arguments over at the Getai stage made the scene really ridiculous. Anyone been to a Getai knows, that a production of workers and managers would be in a standby at the entrance. Any arguments seen or first-come-first-served-basis would be obvious to anyone’s naked eyes… The scene in the show made it seemed like there’s no production on stage and whoever is there jumped to the stage and started singing. Want to have argument or fight, make it more realistic to the real picture. It was typically fake, very Stephen chow lor!

If the movie was meant to be a comedy and not a relation the the real Getai world, then the whole story is also upside down and contradictory to the idea of the producer and story line. So at the end of the movie, don’t know if the producer is wanting to have a comedy-castle-in-the-air kind of movie or what he had mentioned, to have a movie to the Getai world or a mixture of both.

I thought it would have be so fine and the tiny flaws or made-to-be-comedy would be easily ignored if the POWER_PUFF_GIRL_Stuff super powers were eliminated!


The 2 MAIN actress and 600 were very good in their acting though, I must compliment! 600 was super hilarious!

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