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Ghost Month

I was going through my handphone today, at the list of notes section where I had taken each and every encounter I came across or seen with the “unknown” or spirits and I just thought, In just 2 more days, it would be the start of the Ghost month.


I been meaning to post a few of the notes but sometimes I held myself back.

It has started from childhood since I heard and seen the wandering spirits but still, at times, after each encounter, I would reflect and wonder, STILL, if my eyes or imagination could have taken me far-der than reality. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. If I myself couldn’t trust my sightings, I would rather leave the sightings in my notes. Rather i would be VERY sure of the voices I heard.

Strangely, all these sightings and voices are diminishing through the years as I aged, the voices and vision of it, has and is becoming lesser as i grow up.

Diminishing, doesn’t mean, completele gone.

Then again, the sightings and voices, encountered, were not just during the Ghost festival though…


Official name

Buddhism:Ullambana(TC: 盂蘭盆, SC: 盂兰盆 Yúlánpén)

Taoism and Folk Belief:Zhōngyuán Jié(TC: 中元節, SC: 中元节)

Also called Ghost Month : Observed by

Buddhists, Taoists, Chinese folk religion believers

Type : Asian and Buddhist festival

Significance: The opening of the gates of Hell, permitting all ghosts to receive food and drink

Date : Fourteenth night of the 7th lunar month 2008 date August 15

Observances : Ancestor worship, offering food (to monks as well as deceased),

burning joss paper, chanting of scriptures

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