• Serena Tan

Girl fainted in train

Fancy the MAN rushing for the same seat as me. FINE! I grudgingly gave it to him !

A little student girl suddenly fainted in the cabin the train I was in this morning on the way to work while I was trying my best to sms ahFa. The crowd gathered in the middle and carried her to the nearest seat that some seaters decided to empty for the poor soul. While she looked really pale and awful and well seated and resting, the cabin passengers was quickly back to normal. My help was not rendered partly there were too many helpers then, (not that I will help) I was so blur I was the last to realise what was happening because I was say dreaming as usual.

And a MEAN thought entered my mind while looking at the poor girl:-

“” What a way to get a seat! “”””

Hahahah Ok that was mean!

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