• Serena Tan

Girl had tube wored so low in train

Back from lunch under the heated weather stomach filled with the most famous Bee hoon mee Lor mee circular road. Wishing to run towards my bed right now.

Then hor, this morning in the train station while waiting for the empty seated train, this lady or girl rather had her tube wore so low, so low… I was staring at her 3/5 visible breast!!! It either became loose and droop all the way right before where the breast nipple is. hardly not visible. The full packed train parked, waiting for the passengers to alight and aboard and the still passengers that were in the train stood staring at her almost “seenable” breast, and her loosen tube, none eyes that were not LOOKING AT HER!!.

Almost Free PORN SHOW is it???? at the Yishun MRT Station. Wow liew!

Me needless to say was standing beside her was just looking at her in disgust. Probably she finally realised that her tube has droop down, after the train left, she adjusted the tube to cover the full breast. Then when the empty seated train arrived, I decided to take the opposite seat to the breast girl for more performance and the next moment I know, I fell asleep, before i could see if the tube has loosen ….

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