• Serena Tan

Give Me 3 back to school memories – Meme today.

the memory i remembered in my Ij days,

1. The Monkey ghost toilet in CHIJ Victoria during my primary school days. My classmates apparently seen green finger in the toilet coming from the air, on the middle of the row of 5 girl’s toilets. There was a picture of a monkey stucked to the face of the door.

So non of us ever entered the centre toilet since that day onwards.

2. I was caught having my hair just ABOUT touching the collar of my uniform on the fish first day of school. There was a spot check, (they think its ARMY lor) and the prefects went one by one to the classrooms and made us all stand while they (they thought they policemen) walked at the aisle and inspected us.

I was booked, given a rubber band to TIE THE un-tie-able hair up, which in the end it was TIED UP but the rest of the hair that couldn’t be tied (because it was too short) all fell and touched the collar too. But it was OKAY BECAUSE it tried to be tied but can’t be tied. only about a thin section of the hair was tied!


3. If I could remember that teacher name (MATH teacher, I think) !

I remembered her face VERY WELL until now, SHE HAD A MOLE RIGHT NEXT TO THE CHEEK! Our form teacher, CHIJ TOA PAYOH primary 3, she used a ruler (A WOODEN) ruler to slam , I said SLAMED ON YOUR PALMS (at times, missed and went to your wrist) hard, whenever you got a math sum wrong or didn’t’ do your homework as well as you should or you forgot something. So we had one year of beatings…. The whole class was more terrified of her WOODEN ruler. Our hands were always red and SWOLLEN.

What is homework without mistakes? If we were to do our math all correctly, we are all genius, why need to go to school and have teachers? WEIRD fish teacher.

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