• Serena Tan

Goodbye Bass William

Sitting here and waiting , waiting and I realised that Im waiting for nothing. I guess Im waiting for someone to call and tell me about the procession. However, I know there wont’ be such calls. I was scrolling through my mails this morning and came across A mail that got me so twirl and sad. As much as I would like to hold on to the beliefs of “life” and the mail, I know inside its ain’t what it is. So as I sit here in dreamy and sadden eyes, picturing the scene of the funeral, (and joyce called to let me listen to the Band playing),

And here for Bass as my thoughts and feelings flow through him to me:

He sleeps in peace and relief, Free from a month’s of pain and struggling. He’s dark black eyes finally awoke, In tears and serene Tears of his departure from us, Serene at last to go on to the other world. He spoke at last, for us to continue with our lifes, Leaving a small area in our hearts and minds, To store our memories together with him, His smile, a deepest rememberance, As he whispered goodbye, Slowly diminishing into thin air. Goodbye Bass..

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