• Serena Tan

Grouchy lady in the train

I was in the train to bedok at about 545pm , all squashed and packed as usual, when I heard a lady “don’t push anymore la! Don’t push la, !” and she started grumbling until the young man buay tahan argued back! “you young man, you walk in la! ” she screamed at him!

This lady was standing at the door way and she was big in size, her face long gloomy and grouchy! The type you would never want to be friends with but. … She reminded me of the long faced grouchy lady we meet the other day at the hair treatment centre, and also reminded me of a friend i know! Grouchy long faced too!

So I heard the commotion and pull my itouch ear plug off my ears! Yes very kpo! “oh so u saying u are old and still standing at the doorway!” the young man said! “I’m not exactly very old but I don’t want to walk in, you young man walk in!” she yelled!

And slowly I moved nearer to the arguing people. The big unfriendly lady was obviously harsh and unreasonable. The young man was trying to reason why he pushed and not! But she continued! The pushing and squash-ness that was making her irritated and grouchy! I guess for anyone that stood by the doorway when the crowds moved in would be pushed definately!

I moved nearer thinking to voice out my opinion , to tell her to keep herself at home in future, else take a taxi next peak time, maybe a plane better , anything but the train , else to tell the man to stop wasting his energy on this grouchy lady! The man alighted the next stop probably much irritated already how unreasonable the lady got!

So I got stucked in the middle!

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