• Serena Tan

GSS starts ..

its the GSS and even before last Friday that it starts, there was a pre GSS sale already in some of the shops in Suntec. Last week when Agnes and I walked along Suntec and almost purchase our shoes, the little sales girl said :” there will be 15% discount this GSS “”” which was about 2 days later… then, so we hold back our money and reserve the shoes. The little sales girl was nice enough to tell us about the discount, let alone reserve for us, but she did anyway. Amazing what discounts do, because just this week when we re-went to the shop to purchase our shoes with the discount of the GSS, it was much cheaper. and so we bought more, at different timing.. then because i bought more purchases then with Susan and Audrey last noon, i got a free wheel-of fortune spin at Suntec. Unfortunately, i got a FREE PASS to TRUE FITNESS FOR 2 WEEKS. tsk tsk.

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