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hai zhen kei (in cantonese)

hai zhen kei (in cantonese)

When ever someone called a bid – S$100 !

This particular man holding the mic on stage caller will shout S$100 – (in cantonese)

“ YAK but, yak but” followed by

“hai zhen kei” “hai zhen kei”… (its real)

and this last the whole night, as long as the mic was on his hand.

Last evening, the last dinner of the celebration of this month we have, we have Yeng to makan together after her exercise too, at Bishan .

The whole night the shout bidder was assuring us the bids was REAL in Cantonese.

The caterer server was FATTY WENG and it wasn’t that bad. Not bad eat though but the other section had catered Ping Si. Hemmm. 2 good caterers.

There I saw a long time ago employer I worked for after my “O” levels as a receptionist, almost 20 years ago. He dealed with spare parts for air-conditioning. In fact I saw him last year at this dinner too but wasn’t sure. Then that’s about it.

This year we finished the whole round course of food, usually we would leave in the middle. It was good, yeah food had to be good to remember and I DID!

Then I thought again, it was a good way to gether and have the company together to eat makan and drink together like that. So it was a good way to gather ourselves together.

And its REAL!

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