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TODAY’S the day for the costume dresser – my concept that i had for years of halloween is going to pubs/clubs dressing up and drinking, just another reason to cheong for a weekday is so… actually its just another day of boozing and clubbing.

guess what i google upon?.

Halloween is just the “English” type of our 7th Month!

the true meaning of Halloween,

extracted:- “” There is indeed a meaningful history, for at the roots of this ancient holiday are 2000 years of European-bred traditions, customs and rituals that evolved into Halloween as we know it today. The actual concept of Halloween is derived from an early Celtic holiday called Samhein (pronounced sow-in) that took place at the beginning of the winter season on Oct. 31. This day marked the end of summer and the end of food abundance and plant vitality for farmers. Spirits of the dead were believed to roam freely. On the day known as “The Day of the Dead,” living relatives would help their dead loved ones complete a safe journey to the afterlife. People would paint or carve scary faces on gourds and turnips and disguise themselves in outlandish costumes to scare away the evil spirits that were also thought to be wandering the earth that night. “””””” now i had an event last night back home…. .. hemmmm relating relating… i just came to realise and rememeber

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