• Serena Tan

Have you kept any presents for a year?

So quickly one year has quickly swept itself by and we only realised when, we took the Christmas tree out last Sunday to set it up, again.

This time, it was simpler and easier with the strings all attached to the ornaments.

Just what did we do last year?

We had a party at our home for 2 days. Many came and a few didn’t turn up without a ring, that was weird, I thought, but it didn’t matter, I guess we didn’t meant very much to them, that was a laugh, it didn’t matter much I guess.

But I do remember because while I was unpacking the Christmas tree, I saw the presents that were meant for the un-turned-up guests that were meant to be given away. It was still wrapped up and stored away for a year! Amazing!

Nope not food of course, it would have rot well rotten by now.

So, so much of reflections of the Christmas tree for the year end.. T

The blog has become such a slow process because of my laziness & the existence of facebook. “chuckle”

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