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Help or not to Help

Updated: Apr 29

My whole body might have gone soft and weak suddenly with the twingly sourish pain that pulls that abdominal last evening or after lunch rather, that when I got home, I plunk to the bed and slept till almost 11pm. As usual, nothing surprising.

I might have start to think 156 is a charity place somehow in the long run. Probably in my aching body and affected mood, i was easily affected.

We had an old man, limping, can’t work and mentally not very good old man that seemed rather pitiful, initially, that wanders about in the 156. Normally, he would sit alone at a table, or with his brothers, alone drinking his barley ( duno who paid for it) and things seems alright.

These days, after ONE seating with us last week, every night, practically every night, he would appear and automically be seated with us.

He would rather die of thirst than order that barley drink first. He would wait wait, wait , 等, 等等等等等等 until the AK would give in and ask him if he would liked a drink . Of course, he would like. Free!

These days, he would automatically request for supper, last night again, he looked at us, “”I order food, please pay for me…””” We might think he is poor, a limper, a poor 40 plus man that can’t feed himself,.

If a large sum is still a minor sum to us, think of it practically, are we his supporter? Do we earn money to support him? If we are not around, he would get his supper anyhow, in his pocket. He managed his breakfast, lunch dinner very well everyday, just he took the everyday visitors to the 156 for granted and expected to get a free dish from the people.

Are we saying he is penniless? Nah, I doubt very much, who may knows, he thrift badly that at times, in our hardest moments, he might be richer than us.

We spent a sum of S$4 on him let’s say for a 5 days per week, barley and a meal. A total of S$80 per month. Imagine.

I might as well pass him S$80, “”uncle.. come I give you allowance every month S$80…u be my father one? then i feed you ””” Time to treat people, its ok, this is more than that man… hemmmm When we are down in cash, S$80 is a lot to us liao lor. Sometimes being compassionate is alright, sometimes, people that we helped goes overboard, sometimes, over compassionate kills us… .Gaga!

Again lor, its NOT the Money lor, its being practical! goodness!

Then they say its good to bless…. duno..

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