• Serena Tan

HOme Cooked Chicken Rice

We took our stride and bought lady’s fingers, ingredients and a whole KAMPONG CHICKEN from Seng Siong for the home cooked dinner for ourselves, after visiting the AK’s site and battling with the thunderstorm along the way home.

I got several instructions from the AK in the kitchen of ours,….

“chop the lady’s fingers…””

Chop chop chop chop…

“chop the dried shrimps….””

Chop chop chop chop…

“CHOP the “” Kiamp chai…:”””” .. And he did the cooking. The Soup Based to go along with the Chicken, the WHOLE KAMPONG CHICKEN, the CHICKEN RICE, and last but not lest, MY all TIME favourite vege, lady’s fingers with sambal chilli.


LADY fingers lor! (Lagi Steady!)

the Cleaning up.. haha

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