• Serena Tan

Hotspring water

The AK brought me to the deep hotspring over at Sembawang to soak the leg of mine.

Its really funny how the govt had modified the hotspring area into a high tech with taps running to collect the hotspring blistering boiling water.

Me still wondering how the hell does the hotspring water emerge from the ground, what’s more, its bloody hot with steam! cute!

Path to the hotspring…

The comical scene we witnessed was an woman doing her laundry then bathing, amazingly as well, there were several gigantic buckets where a human could totally immersed into filled with the hotspring water! and an old man just did that. Soaked himself into the bucket, drying under the sun and soaked himself again. The time that we were there, the old man had bathe at least already 3 times…

AK thought the old man probably was trying to tear the skin by bathing numerous times

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