• Serena Tan

How dumb can i get…

I was looking at some pictures of the iphone in the net during lunchie,

and i spotted the white iphone sitting together with the black iphone in the picture.

hey, PRISCILLA, got WHITE IPHONE LEH!”” I told my colleague excitedly, “”is it,?!” she said.

In less than a second..


The I looked at my iphone on my table and realised its white in colour,.. but the cover is black only.

“”oh ya!..”” I laughed!


Then the other day when priscilla bought bee hoon for lunchie for us all,

So we heated the first packet of bee hoon for timer 1 min in the microwave then.

It wasn’t hot enough, so I put in another 30 seconds more and it was just nice.

The 2nd packet, I put in the microwave, I put the timer to 1 min first.

Then when it was done , I enter another 30 seconds, just like what I did for the 1st packet. The 3rd packet, I wanted to enter 1 min then my colleague said “why don’t enter the timer to 1.30 min at once?, instead of 1 min, then 30 second more..??”” “oh ya hor… “ so I laughed. So dumb of me.

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