• Serena Tan

I am totally exhausted having muching so much

i only realised that it was almost Christmas when the passage ways to my

office place was decorated with Christmas decorations.

And also because its because this year’s Singapore wanted to have the deco really early

because of the APEC meetings to brighten up the town area.

I didnt wake up today because after snoozing the clock i fell so much asleep again.

I slept super early last night even before the AMERICAN got talent ended yet,

i slept so much. Until after i snooze, i knew i be late so i got up felt so tired all over again,

like butter soon melted, and msg my bossie and

felt asleep till 11am.

i slept for 12 hours.

worst of all, i been eating so muchie, i might have accused Desmond’s medicine.

My metabolisam is growing so largely, either that or i am super GREEDY.

I eat and eat and eat double the portion than normal.

SO probably when i get tired the body trying to work the food inside and

i sleep and sleep.


i might want to tell Desmond about my super appetite,

then the last visit i did told him!

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