• Serena Tan

I arrived at beautiful London

I’m in beautiful London, not too hot but chilling a little.

I didn’t realised i slept throught most of the 50% journey in the plane, I boarded at 9am, the next moment i knew, i was at 5pm (Singapore Time) and i woke in time for their “lunch” and i watched a total of only 2 MOVIES!

15 hours flight 2 hour journey to city!

it was good though,

the legs was unrest but!

so by the time i gotten to Grange City Hotel, it was the 6pm London time, and shops were closed, nothing to get my groceries from

so its my 2nd day officially here

but its ok, its cooling, and I’m right in the London office now



I miss my the AK, my parents, benji and Nikki last but not least Uncle Snop ……….

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