• Serena Tan

I ate the most this week

These 3 days was like a battlefield, food battlefield.

The company’s big bosses is in town, the executives of the executives and 3 solid days of full day meetings with our Boss and the Underwriters. Anticipating that time is not enough to waste on outside luncheon, we had 3 days of eat-in-eatery cum breakfast break and tea-break.

The girls did an excellent job, order varieties of food for each of the meal, for 3 meals a day, some to self-collect some catered in and preparing a good display presentation of the foodie before it was PUSHED in a food-trolley to them.

We had different orders for each meal, so most of it had to be self-collected, then we start to prepare.

in the morning we start preparation around 10am, pushed the food in and we start to munch the rest ourselves. by the time it was almost noon, we start to prepare around 12pm, pushed the food in around 1230pm and start our munching around 1pm. by 3pm, we had to start preparing tea-breaks, 330pm pushed the food in and by 4pm, we start munching again.

3 solid days of battlefield with the food. today is the last day of the meetings.

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