• Serena Tan

i bought 3 pairs shoes

C&K having a straight 30% discount and me bought 3 pairs during lunch today… slippers in fact to comfort that injured-ankle of mine. One pair to replace that broken slipper that I switch to in the office, one for outing and the other is exceptional extra. The bad eye and itchiness of shopping.

Shopping and buying stuff for yourself is just so delightful, but the pocket burn is not! Always nice to be able to shop isn’t it. Yeah but when you open your bills, the mood is different.

The head gotten a temporary staff to substitute the 2 pregnant ladies for the next 6 months when they both go on maternity leave in sequel in our department! She is supposingly the experience more experience underwriter that has retired and will be coming to do some administrative work for them to ease the departments burden for the year-end-renewals, the busiest period of the year.

Relief has relieved us with a phew… finally, someone to temp in!

The relief is 59years of age!


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