• Serena Tan

I cough until i can’t sleep

It gets worst last night wen the cough hits me at 5am. Dumb what a time, it happened i was urgent went to the toilet and tried to get back to sleep when the cough decide to battle the hell of me and i think i could have won the longest cough award. Sigh…

then thinking whether to take a dose of the cough syrup at 5am! because i was coughing shaking the bed, and that darling darling was sleeping away happily unaware of any sound ….

so i took and i managed to fall sleep then… till i had to call in late for work,… this morning…

PS – me mummy bought the correct SANDISK thumbdrive for S$22 8GB. She said my TOBSHIBA HDD 8GB is called High dense cannot be used for our type computer. Mummy knows best!

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