• Serena Tan

I didnt leave keys for AK

What could have been dumber and sotong?

I never err not one time but today.

I woke up pretty early to get to work on time. So happy I managed to be ready, earlier than me parents.

Before my parents left the house, I opened the gate quickly make my way to the Train station. Daddy waved notion for me not to lock the gate, so I dropped my little keys in my bag and scurried to the station. And the family left the sleeping AK to his dreamland quietly with the 2 doggies.

Along the way, I realized the keys I had dropped in my bag left AK stranded in the home with NO way out through to the locked doors…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . Thank goodness, my father’s good conjecture Plan B came in handy..

Phew.. how could I have dropped the keys in MY BAG! Never did that before.. sotong…!

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