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I dreamt about Flooding

Sometimes dreams make me laugh and ponder me for a while, and i was meaning to post my this flooding dream but couldn’t get to it until..

I had a dream on Tuesday night. I dreamt that there was a large tsunami and a great flood that will pour in our land. Somehow in the dream, we know the timing of the diaster, so our family was trying to gather together and tried calling each other to get home quickly. I remembered I was trying to get my Dad on the phone to get home immediately, but I didn’t seemed to reach him at all. All I did was to pray that Daddy got home on time before the Flood came in.

Thirak Darling AK and I had a house in the dream (hoho) and strangly enough, my parents stayed there. So Thirak AK and I were measuring the 2nd floor of our house, and decided that if my parents remained on the 2nd FLOOR, they would be protected from the flood. So mummy was there waiting at the 2nd floor for Daddy and Thirak and I left her on the 2nd floor hoping Daddy would be home soon.

Where did we go?

Again strangly enough, we stayed in an apartment on the 12th Floor next to the house my parents stayed.

After a few hours, the flood gashed in, covering the land and Thirak Darling and I stood at the corridor on the 12th floor of the apartment looking down at the flood rising and rising. And from where we stood, we could also see the house that my parents stayed in. And the flood covered the 2nd floor of the house that my parents stayed. Inside, i knew the flood has swallowed the entire house.

I wasn’t anxious about my parents in the dream, because inside my heart(haha) I knew already they are safe. And after a while,expectly, they arrived at the 12th floor of the apartment where we stayed. They said they started to get out of the house and started climbing at the apartment where we stayed to the 12th floor.

so they were safe and we all looked down at the flood gushing away covering the land, sweaping away almost everything.

It was a weird dream, when i woke, I kept wondering why my parents couldn’t have stayed with us on the 12th floor initially… hahah… DUMB.

then maybe the recent floodings in asia and singapore that I was subconsciously scare of, and the recent book i read in the old Testament about floods too, that i got the flood idea in the DREAM but if I written this weird dream on Wednesday morning……. Some might get the a little meaning of it.


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