• Serena Tan

I dreamt of Bass again….

I dreamt of Bass that night, few nights ago. It was in a dark place what seemed like a temple yet I thought it was like an errie unwanted MONK dark desert. There were monks chanting in different rooms and me and Joyce were wandering when we entered. We were looking frantically for Bass and she starting running very fast like a chimpanzee which I couldn’t catch up. Eventually I decided to halt when I lost her and stood at a corner watching the monks and unknown “humans: chanting and going on their rounds around me. I stood stone and a little afraid of the ritual that went on, not knowing what was going on, in a dark damp corner when finally a hand grabbed me and signal me to follow her pace. It was Joyce. My legs without a thought followed after her to the outside of the room where we came from and found Bass outside. He tried to talk to us, gesturing his normal action like before trying to be friendly and not trying to frighten us. What went on in the conversation, I hardly could recall, but I captured every scene as clearly back in my mind. The energetic Joyce was jumping like a kangaroo signaling me to go as it was time to bid goodbye, this time, I was about to move away from “Bass” when I realized my right white sandal had disappeared from my bare feet. I dug and dug and Bass had tried to hide my sandal, a dog had bitten to pieces and it was hardly to be worn. Seemed like he wanted us NOT to go but I had to piece the right sandal back to my feet, tored and tattered, when I was told I had to leave the way I came. and so i woke

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