• Serena Tan

I dreamt of Benji for the 1st time

As my computer needed rebooting- I was dazing here and looking at my Benji’s picture on my table. Then suddenly I remembered, yes I dreamt about him so much last night in my deep sleep, but before that ………

Before our sleep, thi-rak AK and I were playing our games at the computer till past midnight together.

And before I retreat to bed for sleep,I went toilet the last time for the night before Zzzz monster attack.

Gosh the toilet stinks of urine, its like Benji had urinated inside like he always DID when he was alive.

BUT THE DOOR WAS CLOSED, in the past when Benji urinated inside the toilet, the door would definitely be ajar.

BUT it wasn’t, but I didn’t think much and went into the room and told AK.

“ Duno where Nikki pee, but the door was closed, maybe he pee outside but Nikki don’t usually anyhow pee…but the smell is from inside…”

We left at that and slept.

And I dreamt of Benji Probably subconsciously, it reminded me that Benji did that all the time so ..it went to my mind, I don’t know. anyhow..

And I dreamt that Benji came home, healthly, walking in his all active attitude and behaviour. Watching us and running around trying to get our attention as always, playfully!!

In my dream, we all knew Benji wasn’t in this world anymore, but somehow, I know it was his ghost and still, we were so happy that he came back and played with him, just like we would when he was around.

I remembered I kept cuddling him so much and he just went about walking around the house, looking at Nikki and looking at my parents bubbling and licking us soo much!!!

then, In a spam of moment then, Benji seemed to get weaker and weaker and wasn’t active no more. I watched him laid down on the ground and helpless suddenly.

I thought the scene was repeating his life and kept cuddling him I think, someone in the background called me not to huggie him, and he disappeared into the air.

Then Benji left me. Again………. And I woke. And then i felt so solemn…

And all this while sitting here waiting for my computer to reboot and upgrade, I suddenly remembered this dream, I had last night, it was so real of course, wondering if Benji really did come back, maybe not of course, maybe not,.

My email says: UPGRADE takes place 13th August 09.

Then, hey wasn’t it 12th July Benji passed on.

Today is 13 meaning, last night was 12th August. 1 month the day Benji passed on. EXACTly. Consciously, did I think of that? I don’t know, maybe yes. that why i dreamt of him. I know I MISSED him soooo muchie.. solemly..

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