• Serena Tan

I dreamt of my Toa Payoh days

I had a bad dream! Awful

I dreamt I was in my old Toa Payoh house with my mum at the playground and we witness several Indias inhalding the smoke of the drugs and getting high and stumble down to the ground floor and before I knew it, they were in a near distance from us and my first thought was to run from the high drug addicts and I called for my mother and I to walk towards the coffeeshop for safetly. The scary part was the walk seemed so slow and endless, my legs felt so heavy that I thought I was never going to reach the point.

Last night was a sleepless night man. Lots of dreams yet felt that didn’t get to sleep a wink.

the molest case at 97 was someone we know to someone we know. AK helped to intervene….

Saturday party photos to come in a while……..

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