• Serena Tan

I felt 24 hours of depression

We had 2 more 7th months dinners after our first and the photos are all in Daddy’s camera. So i didnt had the mood to bloggie it just yet until last night, when i thought i wanted to postie the pictures. And i searched for the camera in my outing baggie. and Searched and searched. Under the bed under the table, in the living room, in my mummy’s bag and everywhere i searched.

Until i woke thi-rak Ak up.

I can’t find my camera. but i vividly remembered placing it back in my baggie after the dinner on Sunday night, BUT I CAN”T find it.

not anywhere in the house. And i felt so depressed and upset and i couldn’t sleep the whole night, until almost 2am, to sleep with a depressed and heavy heart.

This morning, i thought i sms Daddy about the camera issue and wanted to know the model so i could call Changi Golf Club to check its lost and found items.

This was what he sms back ” I needed the camera for my office, so i got Mummy to take from your bag that night…” and so on.

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