• Serena Tan

I felt Warmth from my Loved ones

It has been a 19 of June yesterday and the rest I had today brought peace for my soul being,. 19 of June, I remembered is one I had tears in the office, lots of it. Such a funny roller coaster of emotions yesterdat and I wasn’t sure how should I feel because of the mixture of feelings I had then,.

That brought my heart heavier and heavier towards the ground had surfaced, somehow went up into large fury fire and then flames, and I know it was such a relief and the heart felt lighter though. the minus part of course was the other side of the story, somehow hard to weight in between, which was hard to let go.

I guess I should look forward, finally after a rest today, having find some peace for myself and cooling the flames down, I have to just put my foot to the next step and I believe the Lord will continue to be beside me, guiding my next step in life.., as He always had!

And with Him around and my loved ones, the understanding of my parents, I feel so much happier and better and the sense of warmth just filled me inside out when I know the AK is just so comforting.

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