• Serena Tan

I got sandflies all over at Yishun

This 2 weeks, I have been quite charitable.

Just Saturday the crabbing at the Ulu Yishun, first time , the sandflies attacked my legs without my knowledge. I was watching the AK with awe when he caught around 100 flower crabs that I previously blog about.

I went home with red dots around the leg, but the next time, the itch , the rashes started appearing and I had to stratch It to statisfy the itchiness…


The bites over one area of my leg!!!!

Wow liew….. Last evening over at the BBQ, I COULDN”T ENJOY VERY MUCH BECAUSE THE ITCH WAS UNBEARABLE and missy said cannot STRATCH, because hers was terrible, she stratch until the scars now all remain visable……. Forever!

But its so BLOODY ITCHY ………….. and ugly…………………..

SANDFLIES….. MOSQUITOESSSSSSSSS I HATE THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Why I everytime kana all these… maybe I too sweet is it ? ????

Sandfly is a colloquial name for any species or genus of flying, biting, blood-sucking Dipteran encountered in sandy areas. In the United States, sand fly may refer to those horse flies also known as “greenheads” (family Tabanidae), or to members of the family Ceratopogonidae, also known in Florida and elsewhere as a sandflea, no-see-um, no-see-em, noseeum, sand gnats, punkie, or punky. Essentially any fly found on a beach will be called a “sand fly” in the U.S.; some of these insects are a type of midge, which do not even bite.

Elsewhere in the world, the sandfly is attracted to human flesh, and sandfly is used to refer to members of the subfamily Phlebotominae within the Psychodidae, including the primary vectors of leishmaniasis and sandfly fever. In the New World, leishmaniasis is spread by sand flies of the genus Lutzomyia. In the Old World, the disease is spread by sandflies of the genus Phlebotomus.

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