• Serena Tan

I got sunburn during this weekie

The weekend went on well, we didn’t have super planning but it was just enough for me, enough of sleep and resting and getting excited over our too-many-games in the computer with thi-rak ak together. Saturday we had a party over at Uncle Steven’s for his birthday with nice makaning buffet with the drizzle droplets of water from the sky initially. We had slow Macallan in the garden and we left early.

i got sun burn from yesterday’s fishing at Pasir Ris with thi-Rak Ak & Benji right after churchy. I felt the heat but was under shade and didn’t have any direct contact with the sun. Yet when we returned home in the evening, i felt my face stretched and pulled when i smiled and it was getting painy to smile. we were all red from the day sun. Tsk tsk

the large fish they caught cooked at 156.

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