• Serena Tan

I had a horrible ECONS teacher in CHIJ ToaPayoh Primary

Must be the flu and throat sore that ruin my day after work. It just weaken my body as the day almost came to an end. How dampening! Sorry dear! Crossing fingers hoping an early rest would strengthen the body physically. What a great way to start on my Renewal! Delirious me and kept bugging at work. I didn’t change my style of living, just move on with my life. People around, at work, outside, reckon I did, maybe I did, or maybe in a certain aspect, I didn’t received the right medication over my wound and it turned out, I diverted. It didn’t mean I walked out, it meant my hands stretched further.

And to that on the point of “THAT’that just occured, now I remembered almost the same scenario that occurred.. long time ago…

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