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I had dreams when i was younger

The throat is starting to feel sore, nastier nose and watery eyes. Symptom of body breaking down succumbing to a FLU outbreak. But no I didn’t see Desmond because of all these, it was my regular visit checkup. At lunch duty, me starting to feel the effects of the cough syrup… drowsiness. BUT AM NOT GOING TO GIVE IN YET…. And at lunch duty I tried to minimize some stuff in the blog to speed up the blog, apparently for some whose pc is like, ahem,,…. Not in a very good shape, like old liao hor never upgrade those kind lor..

Then dreamy delirious state I’m in now, reminiscing over some goals/dreams that came along throughout these years and back….

From BB till now in the order 3 years to 31 years:-

1. Astronut (I love the outer Space, reading and watching the unknown and Aliens) 2. Princess (did wish that I grew up being one in kindergarden, ok DUN LAUGH!) 3. Air Stewardess (okay too short lor and parents DUN allow) 4. Housewife (Always wanted to be one… that was one GOAL I wrote to the lecturer in Poly… if you all CAN REMEMBER).. still love ironing washing cleaning… 5. Learn Dog Grooming and Open a Pet shop and Pub.. (Cannot liao all so competitive, unless can be successful like Erisson hor…) 6. Housewife (Always wanted to be one… that was another time GOAL I discussed with my BOSSes in previous and PRESENT company).. AND still love ironing washing cleaning… 7. Have a wonderful family (this who dun want..) 8. Clear my debts SOON (now the goals become such a reality,.. its a bore!) Now dreamless…no dreams expect goals to fulfill. NB… Till next episode…. then

1 more panadol might do the trick.. delirious.

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