• Serena Tan

I hate the high grade smell of paint

My area that we are living is having a re-re vamp, a re-re vamp painting works and these few weeks, our home were surrounded by these painters.

What was worst, the smell of the paint is horrendous. What I thought I used the loved the petrol, paint smell was no longer the case.

This smell really stick into your nose right into your brain, and your brain cells command you to vomit and I started feeling so terribly nausea. Its no ordinary smell, its like a sharp point smell that POKE YOU RIGHT through and through .

It just so happened the painters the other day were right at the kitchen exterior wall when we were having our dinner and I could have VOMITTED the whole lot of food out. AK said the more horrible the smell, the more expensive and lasting the paint is!


This morning when I was bathing, the painters were at the exterior of the bathroom I was in, painting away with the same horrible smell. Imagine early in the morning, inhaling the SHARP NAUSEA Smell that reached you right into the brains, upsetting the stomach….

and later at,

Lunch time when Susan went to pick up her stuff at Suntec, THE SAME SMELL GRABBED ME at a certain shop that we passed by, I think was, doing some painting works tooooooo…


I think my brains going to burst.

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