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I learnt that my eyes are so precious from God

Just 2-3 weeks ago, i suddenly find my home monitor was too glaring for my eyes. the brightness shoot right into my eyes and i couldn’t take it.

i started to try to adjust the monitor brightness then.

then in the office, gradually, the monitor seemed too bright as well. i had to shut the blinds down to block the sun and lower the brightness of the office monitor.

Suddenly, my eyes find the daylight too glaring, and during lunch, over exposure to the sun made me headache and eye pain.

so when i started to look far, i realised my eye couldn’t adjust well and couldnt see certain distance already and i was getting a left pain in the head for the last 2 weeks then. Certain times, a certain distance was too blurry and it was just too tiring for my eyes and head. i got a little upset.

then slowly my left eye start to get pain. at times, i could not use my left eye to look at the side, it will feel as though there was a crack or tear inside. i didnt tear at the left eye but the headache was constantly troubling my left and i felt so uncomfortable.

when we went for a walk over at woodlands recently, and the family went to their nephew’s optician, i thought might as well to check my eye sight and see if my short sightness has return. of course,  for a lasik eye like mine, the normal optician would have no accurancy then because the cornea had once been cut, so a normal machine would not be able to test a lasik short sightness.

But i went to check anyhow with the family’s nephew, since they were chatting at his shop.

the results from the normal optician:-

My Right Eye :- Shortsightedness- 250degree

My Left Eye :- Shortsightedness – 250degree

Last year over at my eye specialist, my shortsightedness was only 50. JUMPED so much, i thought!

250 was a high degree, i remembered when i started at primary 3 with glasses, my degree was at 250-300 and i wasn’t able to see quite well already. i got really upset and sad then.

My last Lasik was in 18th sept 2000. 10 years ago

They were saying :” your lasik can last 10 years its good loh..”

i thought to myself, this time my shortsightness is back, and  i need to wear specs since the glare is really bothering me.

i thought a lot, the fact i felt pain, maybe the cornea broke, maybe there is a tear somewhere. Is it Cataract?

After that, the Every morning that i woke up, and when i saw the morning, i thank God that i was able to see for another day. Suddenly, i realised, aiyo, the eyes are so important. Certain nights that i closed my eyes, i imagine the darkness i see forever, … so i was so thankful when in the morning i can see.

I told the Lord that everything was in His hands then, my life, this body which is a temporary existence is all in His hands, and I succumb to it then.

on the other hand, seemingly brave in front of God, i was very very sad, and scare.

Sad that the lasik was fading, Scare that it might have more complications than that. The reason i didn’t pray for healing or ask for the better from God was because i believe it was a simple case of old age. our body starts to breakdown as we age, and we age gracefully, so as i learnt, reading His words, that this is all part and puzzle of our life. So i left it to His hands. (but i think He knew for the last few weeks, i was so disturbed by my eye sight)

Eventually, i booked an appointment with my eye specialist at East Shore. Along the way Mummy said, “Ah now the Lasik is only S$2k for both eyes.. ” so a lot ran in my head, wow, i think i can have the option of Lasik if its shortsightedness.

The Doctor did several tests to my eye.. Cornea, Pressure, Dryness…. .. did the tests all in about an hour.

an hour later.


“Basically, your eyes are TOO DRY!…”” he said?

“too dry?””

Normal eyes have a layer of wetness covering the eyes before the cornea, so when lights enter the eyes, it normally touches the wetness first before getting to the cornea and your eyes adjust to the light. For my case, the lights enter directly to the cornea, making my eyes a moment too difficult to adjust. When its too dry there is friction that rubs against and causes the painful friction feeling.

That’s all? Just too DRY? and i was okay? “yeah nothing partically wrong”

No cataract, no cracks or tears.. That’s all and i was feeling awful with my eyes for the last weeks and my eyes IS/WERE still PERFECT! !!???!!!???

My joy was jumping, i was overwhelmed with MILLIONS of thanks to GOD!

he said my eyes were perfect, cornea pressure was perfect and my EYEs shortsightedness was only

Eye Specialist, God,

My Right Eye :- Shortsightedness- 75degree

My Left Eye :- Shortsightedness – 75degree

75degree no need to wear spectacles or lens too! but best, there was no issue with the eyes!

There was nothing wrong and the doctor Shoo me home with eye antibotics and eye drops.

i needed to lubricate my eyes for the next 2 weeks.

it might seemed that i was at first over reacting but put yourselves in my shoes, to have those eye pain and headache, and the blurry vision, i could not have imagine how the specialist could find no fault ultimately.

1 of the test I did

Over reacting or not, i thank God very much and so He too taught me how important these eyes were to me, how beautiful this world seems suddenly more beautiful. And how beautiful to be able to see.

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