• Serena Tan

I’m awake after taking Cough Syrup

I should have known not to take the flu tablet and cough syrup! Couldn’t sleep the whole bloody night, tossed and turn till dawn and untill I was, at the tip, almost late for work. Gosh do I either love cough syrup or hate it. I always never been able to sleep with it and to think it says “cause drowsiness” “”be careful upon consumption”.

Maybe it should have written “cause drowsiness to majority people”! NB!

And continue to say “cause to stay awake to minority weird people”!

Not that I’m weird but of all the people I know, only 2 of us stay wide awake and couldn’t get to sleep when consumed cough syrup.

So much so that this morning, I was just staring and dreamily looking at the person mouth moving in the Meeting, without much absorbing into the conversation. I must have looked stone. From lack of sleep…

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