• Serena Tan

I’m eating too much steam fishes at dinners

There’s no brains to blog anything right now. Its too lethargic and I felt my bed beside me at times. Yawn,

Our after lunch coffee, we met Ms Clara and LT at Ah Kun, and we chatted until me and agnes forgotten the time and was late by 15 mins.

In almost 2 or 3 times a WEEK, I see steam fish landed on my dinner table. Just 2 days ago, Daddy invited us with Aunty Kim to the Teochew restaurant at Keypoint, a plan 2, for dinner. We had STEAM FISH!

And last night, the coffeeshop friend invited us to yet AH CHAI’s for dinner at 9pm. Another steam fish appeared!

In the next few days, more invitations to the 7th monthssssss dinner with Ereeeerrrrr More more more steamy FISHES!……….


Somebody eat it UP!!!!!

Phobia-tic, DREADing the taste of steam FISHES ….


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