• Serena Tan

I’m in the SQ Biz Lounge Healthrow

yes a little early 3 hours earlier but I”m glad i”m gona fly back in a 15 hours flight in about 3 hours time!


yup singapore is about already 10pm. My last day here was alright but the weather turned into the worst, it rained heavily by the time i gotten here.

I was told it was a 2-3 hours journey by cab to the heathrow ( by all the colleagues here) but hell, i took the cab anyhow (70sterling pounds, S$175!), and i arrived way one hour ! by the time the cab alighted me, phoo, the rain fell crying.

I think London was weaping by my departure. Ha!

Now muah have to endure another 15 hours to reach my AK and the family and of course, 156! CHINESE FOOD!

meanwhile, back to the lounge and more surfing! (while i try chatting with the tired AK)

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