• Serena Tan

i’m so amazed & touched at selfless people ..

i don’t believe it that i am feeling it again. In almost every alternate weeks, the energy just plunged  all the way down and the mood, moods totally way off.

and i don’t wish to talk much, even open my mouth but i tried. i tried not to show it too much but at times i know, i can’t, .. nevertheless..

Then in the noon i was asking myself, yeah, that is me, maybe, maybe i let circumstances affect me so badly, i plunged worst.

i rememberd Pastor Chew was saying that is nothing wrong to show and feel the way you feeling right now, just don’t let it affect you too long. maybe so. so i tried.

And then you don’t know how things work with HIM. i am totally amazed at how people selfless-ly pull their hands to grab you, to comfort you in amaZing ways,.. even a message, a concern, their encouragement, their help, even their little Gestures, ….        touches us so … at least touches me sooo much…

a message of concern, a call of worriness..their calls, they pulled you for dinners……..  i was never like that, how come they can extend their love so well and so willingly…. i’m so melted actually., so much that at times, my eyes unknowingly formed droplets of tears.. it is just so touching. the love they shown, is amazing, is beyond words, and is something i know from the Love of God to them to me..

thank you ..to everyone out there.. .

of course our families ,….

ps.. duno how to tag this post too.. 

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