• Serena Tan

I’m thinking so much what holds 2molo

Me parents came back and they bought without a doubt so many stuff again,. but it was sweet of them…. Muack!

And the each day that I’m face with as the days passed so quickly, its like a facing the judge at a courtroom, cause as we walked through the valleys, we realized that time and age is catching up and there ain’t any second that its gonna await for us. Its so easy to point all the facts down, as we faced a tomorrow, we have not even a tinniest idea what holds tomorrow let alone the future, let alone the future.

What is real, what is right, what is wrong, what is the right decision? Who can decide for us? I have no slightest hint or indication…..I wish I knew…or maybe rational ?

And if prayers works, I ask HIM to guide us in His ways…

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