• Serena Tan

I misunderstood someone

On the other note, The private calls have been endlessly ringing in my mobile and because I overlooked a one payment by a “certain” bank, the bank has been pursueing me like I was a wanted criminal. And so I got to pay this certain “PURSING BANK” a few days ago. And today the “private calls” rang again. I picked up, and it was the scrap car finance company that is CHASING me for the 1st instalment payment. The very natural defensive me blab la blab that I have signed the Giro papers and its had been 3 months, I wouldn’t know why they couldn’t deduct from my GIRo and why was they chasing me in cash for the payment….. I blah blah blah until I remembered seeing the amount in my statement. The figure he repeatly mentioned RANG THE BELL so loud in my head that I told GAVIS the chaser caller that I vividly remembered seeing THIS familiar figure in my bank statement. I WOULD FAXED HIM my statement for verification. No, no figure of alike in my statement when I checked my statement. Then I figured out. I must have opened the mails and seen that figure by the chaser finance company…….. “guang guang guang…”” my mistake! Loans loans loans…

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