• Serena Tan

I Pressed my Fingers!

Last night after church, i came back to do my herps-of -clothes ironing.

and while in the process, either i was focusing on the tv CI programme on the “The smiling Ryan murder”, or i was thinking a lots,

when instead of pressing the hot iron on the blouse, I pressed the iron gladly on my fingers.


it took me a while to realise what must be done, for when the moment, i pressed on my fingers, i immediately realised it was hot and then continued to iron the blouse.

It wasnt until , after a few seconds later, i started to pause and think about the pain and see the fingers again and realised it was starting to turn red.

so i paused again and think for a while more and went inside the toilet and took the toothpaste and rub it and washed it away.

then i continued my large pile of clothes ironing………..

my slow reaction…..

so the injured fingers didnt turned FULL-BLOWN BUBBLE today at least, thank God, but only 1/4 bubble that came out.

Ho HO ho..

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