• Serena Tan

I said I cannot take chocolates..

At about 2.30pm in the noon, after the early lunch, I always feel hungry and need to look for snacks to fill the stomach before I can get back to work..

Just 2 days ago, I was looking for food when I saw a pool of chocolates were sitting in the pantry table and feeling so greedy, I swap about a total of 6 pieces of the dark hot nut chocolates.

My body is never a fan of chocolates, because it doesn’t synchronise well with the body at all, always having breakouts of sore throats or heatiness that follows immediately the moment I had a little too much of chocolates the body can handle.

And so the next day, which was yesterday I was in total mess. The body felt uncomfy and tired and lazy.. I knew I was breaking out into ‘heatiness’ so susan and I went to get a tin of chrysanthemum flowers to put in hot water to drink. By evening I was drowsy and I reached home fell on the bed at 830pm and woke up this morning at 8am.

I might be feeling better than yesterday but its scary, how fast the chocolates reacted on me. I probably remember this for the next 6 months and then….

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