• Serena Tan

I screamed when i saw a furry lump on my bed

The day before we left for genting, i worked around the room cleaning the untouchables cleaned out of dirt and in and every corner of the room. I had the sheets replaced with clean freshie sheets. I was sure the bed was neatly tidied and straight and turned to pick up the dirty sheets when at the back of the eye spotted a furry LUMP seated on the new sheets on the bed curling itself in the middle!

From my last impression of the emptied bed to a FURRY LUMP in the middle of the bed, I screamed and screamed at the unknown object.

Then when the eyes of mine adjusted well and carefully tuned to view the FURRY LUMP, the FURRY LUMP was ………………….. Benji ………in his quietness, without my knowledge, had jumped to the bed, staring and………. curiously , ……..watching me screaming away !

I felt dumb!

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