• Serena Tan

i send SMS to Yeng

I can’t help it! I think and thunk and thought and its ticking my stomach so badly thinking of an incident..months ago

Darling AK and I were at the wedding and we knew we were running late, so asked me to send a sms to Yeng to tell her to meet later at Sabai. So I did And


And waited



But no reply

… So I told AK no reply from her. Then AK called her personally to push the time later. Settled.

After the disco night, we wanted yeng to sms us when she’s home. She did And I replied and waited for her next reply





Waited till we slept

Next morning no reply.

Then I fiddle my phone And saw The amazing thing

All the SMS I sent to her Was still in my draft..

i didn’t send any out yet….

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