• Serena Tan

I slept early yet i was later for ..

Our therapy sessions ended so late last night. It was almost 845 pm already by the time we left the place. It was getting very crowded the place as more people’s coming to know the machines therapy. So we left the place to get our empty stomachs filled with no idea and left for Aunty Kim’s Club.

We gushed our food down I think caused it was almost closing time and by the time we went to bed, was almost 11pm and thi-rak AK and I really slept until 2am….. NOT AGAIN! I just couldn’t sleep all the way and

I was late this morning for work.

I did nothing but sleep, and it was quite early that i slept, still I was later for work. If there was a previous life, I probably owed “it” SLEEP. To think I sleep so much this life!

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