• Serena Tan

I think i loved my workplace company..

Basically, i enjoy my work very much, but I have only a pair of hands, sometimes i simply wished very much , that the work came in sequence, so that i can very well concentrate on each individual unique work. but apparantly not in the real world. still, i kinda understand. but really, in some circumstances, when I am really piled to the top of  my head…………….. , even a simple chore, A very SIMPLE chore that only requires the strength and the God’s-Gift-Legs that He has given us, could not be achieve  by some.. i wonder…

on another note, Ladies are the scariest in a workplace, either they are vicious, back stabbers, or the most caring, lovely people in the world. i happened to have the most lovely ladies in my workplace. I seriously thank God for them. They might not be the best knowleadg-able workaholics in the industry, but we are best to have them, who cares for their staff very much.Co-workers, our HR head.. Its amazing. so much so that we keep some time together, sometimes, to gather for small outings or luncheon, a good one.

so i hoped that we keep it this way, be it any new colleagues that might come along, that fingers-crossed, NO BACK STABBERS PLEASE!

ps. just had the most satisfying hard boiled eggie for supper made by my lao-niao Mummy!

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