• Serena Tan

I’ve been Sudden taken ill with high fever

On Wednesday my throat was starting to sore and i was feeling letargic and restless by the evening time. Still we went for our course at night and the AIRCON WAS breezing just directly at us. It must have got me worst.

Thursday morning, by the time I reached the office, i was faintly. So I left to Karen and I had a high fever, body aches flu sore throat cough phelgm. Think Doctor Karen didn’t want to take chances told me to pack and “HIDE” at home. Anyway, she said, the rate I was, she doubt my colleagues would like to associate with me. Ok , since I had my bag, I left to the train station feverish.

I slept the whole of Friday. My fever got higher, for a moment, I though I might have the Swine flu.

Today I thought I felt giddy still, testing my temperature every hour that I could.

Benji is seeing the vet tonight. He is getting worst.

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